Airbags and seat-belt pretensioners are subject to the Explosives Act!

The legislator prescribes all companies – from the small car repair workshop to the automotive manufacturer – and their employees exactly what rights and obligations have to be observed in handling airbags and seat-belt pretensioners. Depending on the type and scope of the activities, various verifications are required. 

  1. Employees in car workshops, upholsterers, vehicle disposal companies require the so-called certificate of competence.
  2. If the employees are deployed as the responsible person subject to the Explosives Act, for example in development, they have to complete the two-day expert seminar in order to apply for the certificate of competence.  
  3. In order that trained employees are kept up to date, seminars to refresh their knowledge of the laws and accident prevention measures are essential.  
  4. There are also a lot of things to be observed for the dispatch of airbags and seat-belt pretensioners. We provide training in accordance with the transport of hazardous goods act. 
  5. If you want to learn something about vehicle safety, whether as a member of the fire brigade or rescue service, or as an interested parent, book one of our lecturers. We will explain how to handle the existing safety devices.  

We are a state approved training organization and we will be happy to advise you as to which seminars your employees need and how you can fulfil all of the official requirements. If you have your own ideas about course content, we can put together a seminar according to your individual requirements. The seminars can, of course, also take place at your premises.

If you have any questions, contact our training director Hans-Peter Zirfas. You can reach him directly at
+49 163 5838036.