Transport Classification

In times of globalization, it is absolutely essential to ship airbags and other pyrotechnical products around the world. However, not every UN class can be shipped with every means of transportation to any place. It should be the target, to classify these products - which are actually UN class 1 – as UN class 9. This allows e.g. transportation on airplanes and has a positive effect on shipping costs as well. 

We conduct the complete transportation classification for you:

To determine if your products and packaging materials meet the requirements, we can conduct all types of tests to UN series 4 and 6 (e.g. bonfire tests UN 6c) on our own test ground located centrally in Germany and thus, Europe. We test all kind of packaging like production run supply, CKD - supply or spare parts. 

Our philosophy is to provide you as the customer with fast and uncomplicated service. We test anytime as you request, and we can agree upon individual and short notice test dates. If needed, we assist you in the selection of packaging materials and methods.

Our test reports are accepted and officially confirmed by BAM. These approvals (CAA) allow for transportation as UN class 9 as well as the application for an EX number at the US Department of transportation DOT.


Test setup UN6(c) Test






During the Test







Test with  metal  cages