Material Testing

Testing the combustion behaviour

In terms of the safety of car occupants, it is necessary that the materials used for the interior fulfil minimum requirements with respect to the spread of flames. The occurrence of flames is to be avoided or at least delayed, so that the occupants can leave the car in time in the event of a fire. 


We test the combustion behaviour of components and materials for you according to the following specifications:

Equivalent works standards of the manufacturers

‣ VW: TL-VW 1010
‣ Daimler: DBL 5307
‣ Porsche: PTL 8501
‣ Ford: EU-BN 24-2
‣ General Motors: GM 6090 M
‣ Mitsubishi: ES–X60410
‣ Renault: MEL 1333
‣ Volvo: STD 5031,1
‣ BMW: N 601 21.0
‣ etc.

On request we draw up a test report for each sample, or a more cost-efficient collective report per test series. This also includes, of course, a photo documentation of the tested parts. We will be happy to send you a non-binding offer and let you know the next possible test dates. Contact